maintenance services

Every vertical garden or roof garden requires an experienced designer, irrigations consultant, horticulturist, installation and maintenance team. Vertvista brings all the above to provide a holistic service of – design, build and maintain.

Our maintenance team values your investment into our system and gardens to ensure quality maintenance service for the years ahead. Reliable and regular, our team prides on having maintained quality projects of green roofs, vertical gardens and other landscape engineering projects for clients across India.

  • Each maintenance person is trained in-house to adhere to our quality standards.
  • Commitment to excellence, love for nature and professional grooming skills enables them to skillfully handle complex situations without the need for escalation.
  • Timely documentation and maintaining a log of the work done ensures seamless communication between the client and VertVista.
  • The maintenance team is made part of the project before the completion of work to ensure a smooth transition from projects to maintenance of green walls or roof gardens.