Green Roof

A green roof/roof garden, terrace garden tackles many challenges faced by today’s unplanned metro cities. Highly congested built environment, absence of open spaces for recreational purposes, dwindling green cover and extreme temperatures are some of issues which make it necessary to have green roofs. Vertvista offers tried and tested solutions for both new and old buildings.

What is a green roof/rooftop garden or a terrace garden?

Green roof/ roof garden or a terrace garden is a roof/terrace of building partially or completely covered by plants, lawn and trees. The living roof is water-proofed, connected to appropriate irrigation and drainage system. Due to the number of benefits offered by green roofs, increasing number of old and new buildings are installing them across cities in India.

What is an intensive roof garden?

Intensive roof garden is garden a variety of trees and plants can be grown. Generally an intensive roof garden can have all the features of a traditional garden ie – lawns, flower beds, seating areas and planters. The soil depth for this roof garden is more and requires a structurally stable load bearing terrace/roof.

What is an extensive roof garden?

Extensive roof garden is a terrace garden with simple cover of lawn, sedums and shrubs. The plantation is very simple, easy to install and maintain as well. Existing buildings can be retrofitted with extensive green roofs without any difficulty.

Can existing old buildings have roof gardens?

Yes. Old buildings can have retrofit extensive roof gardens. They are easy to install and do not require any major repair work prior to installation.

Our expertise in the field:

  • Vertvista has executed a number of green roof projects – both intensive and extensive green roofs with varying scales.
  • We provide unique, holistic and multi-faceted services guided by our diverse team of experts from the field of horticulture, sustainable environmental design, micro irrigation and structural engineering.
  • Vertvista represents Elmich Pte Ltd in India. We bring in the best products accepted globally and certified by Singapore Green Build Product Scheme.


Scope of having a green roof is one of the most overseen aspects of improving the existing living conditions within a city. It also happens to be one of the most beneficial inputs a building can have towards sustainability.

Private benefits:

  • Aesthetic improvement, New amenities space, increased property value and improved quality of life for the building occupants
  • Energy efficiency due to reduction in heating of the roofs during summer and excessive cooling during winters
  • Urban agriculture, community activities and easily accessible leisure and hobby area
  • Noise level reduction, improvement of air quality and increase in bio-diversity
  • And many many more
  • Public benefits:

  • Reduction in overall temperatures of the cities (urban heat island reduction)
  • More usable open spaces for residents and public
  • Increased in green cover of a city and thus improved air quality and increased bio-diversity
  • An alternative for gardens in cities where land cover is expensive and at times inaccessible
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