Indoor Plants

Plants play a very important part in our daily life. Greenery is essential to make the environment healthy & pollution free.

City dwellers spend an average of more 18 hours in a day indoors, away from nature. While all our happy places have plants and greenery, our living spaces don’t. And hence it is only natural that indoor plants not only beautify a space, they also make it healthier, happier and more interesting space to live or work in.


  • Working space environment is greatly improved by plants. Employees report a positive feeling and satisfaction working with plants around.
  • Indoor Plants improves concentration in students with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder); which also helps students in spellings, science & also increases math scores by upto 14%.
  • High oxygen giving plants, and air-purifying plants, improve the indoor air quality
  • Nurturing and caring for indoor plants improves the ownership of work place and helps fostering a healthier work culture.

If you don’t believe it, get a plant and try it out for yourself!


  • Vertvista offers Indoor Plants Rental services across Mumbai, India.
  • VertVista brings in expertise in indoor plant service having over 15 years of experience and having supplied indoor plants to over 30 MNCs across Mumbai.
  • Our dedicated plant maintenance team ensures round the clock service to ensure a greener living environment for you. Without disturbing the work schedule in your office.

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