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About Us

VertVista Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a landscape engineering firm specializing in Vertical Gardens, Green Walls, Terrace Gardens and Urban Landscaping solutions. VertVista is an authorised representative of the renowned Singapore based landscaping company, Elmich Pte. Ltd., for India.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens – which are also referred to as green walls or living walls or living green walls. Vertical gardens are self-sufficient vertical gardens that are installed to the exterior or the interior walls of a building. These vertical gardens are different from green façades. In green facades, the plants are rooted in a structural support which is fixed to the wall itself. These plants receive water and nutrients from within the vertical support instead of from the ground.
Vertical gardens comprise of various type modular panels that can be used along with geo-textile fabrics, growing media, irrigation systems, and plants. Vertical gardens are particularly suitable urban spaces where they can utilize available vertical surface areas of high-rises. They could also function for urban agriculture, urban gardening, or for its beauty as art.
It is a well-known fact that plants can purify air. Hence it is self-evident that having indoor vertical gardens contribute to improving the air quality index of that particular area/complex. Vertical gardens with their greenery softens the dull urban environment and adds a touch of refreshing greens, colours and life to its surroundings. It also greatly helps in improving the urban biodiversity.

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Design and Consultation for Vertical Gardens and Green Roofs

Each project poses new challenges which only experts can evaluate, guide and design a system which is full-proof and easy to maintain for the years ahead. Our team has a proven industry record of having taken up unconventional projects in installing vertical gardens, green roofs and related products to create successful horticultural, aesthetic and engineering solutions.

Installation service for Vertical Gardens and Green Roofs

Our commitment to excellence and project deadlines extends through our project management and execution team. Our team of trained installers are equipped with the necessary experience to efficiently hand over both large and small projects. Based upon clients’ needs, vertical gardens, green roofs etc can be customized with variety of plants. We take care of all the factors which go into installing and maintaining them.

Maintenance service for Vertical Gardens and Green Roofs

Our maintenance team values your investment into our system and ensures quality maintenance service for the years ahead. Reliable and regular, our team prides on having maintained quality projects for clients across India. Our team will work with you ensuring highest quality vertical gardens right from the design phase through installation and maintenance.