Speciality Landscape Projects:

Where nature meets art and engineering.

To re-imagine and bring back nature into our built environments is one of the primary goals of VertVista. We provide unique, holistic and multi-faceted services guided by our diverse team of experts from the field of horticulture, sustainable environmental design, micro irrigation and structural engineering.

Our team has the imagination and the expertise to bring to reality ideas that push the boundaries of landscape engineering. Our innovations, projects and services stand as a testimony to our ability to create beautiful green solutions.

A few innovative solutions:

1. Green Curtains –

a. Green curtains combines the concepts of hydroponics and vertical gardening to create unique system that is both self watering and aesthetically appealing

b. Ideal for balcony and terraces, green curtains enables privacy screening without hampering on natural ventilation and lighting

c. The system is leak-proof and easy to maintain without having to any watering/drainage hassle

2. Green Arches –

a. Green arches, as the name suggests, are – arches covered with natural plants and connected to an automated drip irrigation system

b. Despite its shape, our team has engineered a solution to have the plants watered without worrying about watering falling on the floor

c. Easy to maintain, without any watering or drainage hassle, it is possible to have an array of plant species – flowering and non-flowering plants to grow and give a unique feature to your landscaped area

Landscape Engineering Projects Showcase