Vertical Garden services

Vertical gardens are particularly suitable urban spaces where they can utilize available vertical surface areas of high-rises. They could also function for urban agriculture, urban gardening, or for its beauty as art.Every vertical garden or roof garden requires an experienced designer, irrigations consultant, horticulturist, installation and maintenance team. Vertvista brings all the above to provide a holistic service of – design, build and maintain.

vertical gardens services

Design and Consultation for Green Roofs and Vertical Gardens

It is important to create an ecosystem which mimics the natural habitat for plants for a green roof and a vertical garden. Each project poses new challenges which only experts can evaluate, guide and design a system which is full-proof and easy to maintain for the years ahead. Our team has a proven industry record of having taken up unconventional projects to create successful horticultural, aesthetic and engineering solutions.

vertical gardens services

Vertical Gardens Installation service

Each roof garden and vertical garden requires a trained installer to predict and overcome the project specific challenges. Since each project is unique, the installers need to have the right experience and adherence to perfection to engineer a sustainable ecosystem. Following the international best practices, VertVista ensures zero compromise on the quality of installations and 100 % perfection to bring in nature and engineering together – for all our living walls and living roofs.

vertical gardens services

Vertical Gardens Maintenance service

Our maintenance team values your investment into our system and ensures quality maintenance service for the years ahead. Reliable and regular, our team prides on having maintained quality projects for clients across India.