It is important to create an ecosystem which mimics the natural habitat for plants for a green roof and a vertical garden. Each project poses new challenges which only experts can evaluate, guide and design a system which is full-proof and easy to maintain for the years ahead. Our team has a proven industry record of having taken up unconventional projects to create successful horticultural, aesthetic and engineering solutions

A successfully designed ecosystem involves a detailed study of multiple factors.

  • How will the wind effect the cross-pollination, the rate of evaporation, the growth of certain plants?
  • What is the role played by animal pollination – bees, birds, butterflies, etc during the lifespan of a green roof?
  • How to ensure an efficient ecosystem that will withstand the extreme temperatures of certain regions, how to automate the irrigation that will consider the fluctuations of every season?
  • Can the roots of the green wall or living roof plants damage the underlying wall/surface? How to avoid it?
  • What is the energy saving of having a green roof or a vertical garden? And what is the pay-back period of the system based on reduction in heat gains during summers?
  • Selection of native indigenous plants, engineering the planting media based on the plants and weather, design of a micro-irrigation system based on real time monitoring of temperature, wind velocity, moisture levels.

These are the multiple facets involved in the design of a green wall and a roof garden. And our team studies each aspect minutely to provide an efficient, easy to maintain and a beautiful roof garden or vertical garden.


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