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VV-VersiPaveis a unique eco-friendly and cost-effective pedestal engineered to provide easy height adjustments on individual pedestals for a level paver surface even when abutting pavers are of different thickness.

VV-VersiPave has integrated adjustable chocks at each of its quadrants which may be independently adjusted from 24mm to 35mm, Chock Extenders that allow extension of a further 10mm at each quadrant and 20mm and 40mm extenders that allow easy extension of the pedestal up to 105mm.

VV-VersiPave has integrated 50mm Spacer Tabs and also Lock Pins which may be inserted into Chocks to effectively lock Chock positions and prevent accidental Chock movements.

VV-VersiPave may be broken apart at its quadrant lines to enable flush placement along walls and also around or into corners. VV-VersiPave has high ultimate compressive strength for various height combinations and is manufactured from recycled materials which meet RoHS requirements.