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Vertvista is revolutionising the way organisations see the office space. Gone are the days of office employees being trapped in white cubicles, surrounded by more white walls and ceilings. Because green is in!

Green Walls

Green Walls are also known as vertical gardens and are beautiful, natural and eye catching. In an office interior, for example, they create a naturally calming and tranquil environment. On the sides of buildings in busy urban places they are spectacular. They increase biodiversity by providing shelter for birds and insects. They improve air quality by absorbing fine dust particles and produce oxygen. That’s the reason Green Walls are rapidly gaining popularity in today’s infrastructurally-rich grey world.

Mobile Indoor Green Wall

The new Privacy Partition

Where privacy, serenity, flexibility and low maintenance are paramount, Mobile Indoor Green Wall Partitions are ideal solution for you. The best thing about these partitions is that they can be moved as needed. The green wall plants improve indoor air quality and absorb sound; making them as excellent living dividers between departments in offices, groups in classrooms or libraries, and sections in dining establishments.

A growing number of studies are seeking to understand the impacts of office space aesthetics and layout on the worker. The phenomenal results of the studies are driving an organisational change. Companies of all sizes are adapting to open planned spaces, collaborative desk arrangements and hot desks. All in the name of boosting productivity and worker satisfaction. Although, large scale office reshuffles are sometimes just not practical. Fear not, because the Vertvista team knows all the tricks to optimise any space.

Our experts select plants based on your office’s ecosystem. They keep in mind that plants chosen are specifically suited to the temperature and light within your environment. Then they install and nourish your new lush greenery. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits. So what are you waiting for, get those dull partition walls replaced with lush, green walls of beneficial plants.

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