Indoor Green Walls – An Ode To Transformation

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Indoor Green Walls are a wonderful solution for any property interested in improving their space with intrinsic benefits of nature. Living green walls infuse the dull expanse of interiors with life-renewing greenery.

Indoor Green Walls – Happier Employees

An office enriched with plants makes staff happier and boosts productivity by 15%, according to a recent research by psychologists. A green office helps employees to be more physically, mentally and emotionally involved in their work. It also communicates to employees that their employer cares about them and their welfare.

Visual Benefits Of Indoor Green Walls

Indoor Wall Garden make a breath-taking statement by creating alluring and inviting environments. They are as equally impressive in appearance as they are purveyors of good health; the plants in the walls work as a natural air-filtration system that building occupants can enjoy. Employees are greeted by a green lush environment while savouring the soothing effects of being around an abundance of foliage.

Other Benefits

  • Improved air quality:

    Indoor Green Walls are natural air-filters, creating a cleaner, more invigorating work environment that will lead to better overall employee health and production. The green walls metabolise harmful toxins while releasing oxygen into the workplace air, much like office plants but on a much larger scale.

  • Energy cost reduction:

    The interior green walls function to cool the air in the warmer summer months by a process known as “evapotranspiration.” The winter months see the added advantage of building insulation thus reducing energy costs for heating the building.

  • Noise level reduction:

    One of the lesser known benefits of Indoor Green Walls, the structures can reduce noise levels in buildings. Plants have been used, throughout the world, to reduce noise along roads and highways. The Green Walls act as extra insulation with a layer of air between the plants and the wall. They also reduce noise levels by reflecting, refracting as well as absorbing acoustic energy.

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