Look up with vertical gardens

Most of us dream of having a garden where we could grow veggies and herbs. However, making this dream come true is not easy because of the lack of space in urban areas.

Well, here’s a solution! Vertvista – a landscape engineering firm which utilises your walls and vertical spaces, and helps you live your dream through vertical gardening. You don’t need a big backyard for this kind of garden as it works on a small strip of soil in front of your house or even on a balcony. But beyond their space-saving abilities, vertical gardens have a host of other benefits to offer you.

Natural beauty:

For people living in urban apartments or working in office cubicles, vertical gardens can provide access to soothing natural beauty, necessary for mental health.

Indoor room divider:

Indoors, a vertical garden works as an attractive room divider. Planting in wheeled containers is recommended so that the divider can be moved -- or removed altogether -- according to your needs.

Shade and privacy:

Placed on the outside of a window, a vertical garden will shade the room from both strong sunlight and inquisitive onlookers thus creating a lovely view in a crowded urban neighbourhood.


Vertical gardens also help shield your home’s exterior against harsh weather conditions and ultraviolet rays.

Future of Vertical Gardening

This revolutionary technique of growing garden indoors is an effective, innovative, and productive way of cultivation. And it’s taking agriculture in an upward direction. What’s more, it lets you enjoy organically grown and free from pesticides fruits, veggies and flowers.

As developments in this new tech-savvy method of farming or gardening begin to incorporate practices such as aeroponics, aquaponics, and other productive growing techniques, vertical gardening will become more cost-effective to operate. The great thing about Vertvista’s vertical green walls is that they can be installed at tiny spaces of your home. Overall, with this new vertical style of indoor farming, things are definitely looking up.