How to Build an Outdoor Vertical Garden (Step by Step process)

building outdoor vertical gardens

Before a vertical garden is made, at the very initial stage, the buyer has to be aware of the maintenance required for the vertical garden, access for maintenance, the location where it is proposed, water supply and drainage arrangements.

Vertvista can be appointed as a design consultant where we look at each aspect in depth, to create a vertical garden that is not only beautiful but also sustainable – requiring minimum maintenance work.

A well-designed vertical garden or a green wall saves cost of its maintenance in the long run by reducing the number of plants which require replacement.

The green wall or vertical garden is made in the following steps:

Designing a green wall

As mentioned above, we look at different aspects of location, lighting, climatic conditions, MEP design, maintenance access and type of plants.

Back structure/framing

Depending on the type of vertical garden system proposed, it can either be made up of aluminum, mild steel or stainless steel.

Drip irrigation system

A well-designed irrigation system is critical as any mistakes at this stage can result in huge damage to the plants. Testing of the irrigation system is necessary before bringing in the plants for installation.

Pre-plantation off site

All plants which need to be installed at the project location need to be well grown before bringing them in. Some systems may require plants to be grown within the modules itself.

Plantation at site

This is the final stage of the installation process where pre-grown established plants are installed as per the design. Pre-planning activities such as unloading, movement, on-site storage, etc can be looked at before bringing the plants at the premises.

All of the above mentioned steps are mastered through repeated practice and experience. Vertvista has catered to countless projects of numerous scales, spread across India. We bring in our expertise with us and successfully help you make a unique vertical garden.

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